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Continuous dust monitor for trend monitoring in ambient air environments

With increasing demands for workplace health the ability to measure changes in ambient air dust concentration becomes more important by the day. All areas where dust might cause harm to employees or sensitive devices can now be monitored and dust extraction systems operated accordingly.

Dumo brings Sintrol's unique Inductive Electrification Technology made famous by the Snifter and S300 series to ambient dust monitoring. With the 4...20 mA isolated output, two user adjustable independent alarm relays and full compatibility with Sintrol Network and DustTool with USB and RS485 communication ensures ease of use and easy connectivity.

Dumo has been updated to utilize Sintrol's newest and most sensitive measurement technology. New mechanical design makes the device even more robust and tolerant to difficult industrial environments.

EX models (IECEx and ATEX) available.
Wireless RF communication available.

APPLICATIONS: Sintrol Dumo is a useful tool in all work environments where harmful dust concentrations are encountered:

  • Mines
  • Foundries
  • Wood
  • Cotton processing
  • Textile mills
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Paper mills
  • Agricultural

See application notes on our applications page.


Measurement Objects

Solid particles in ambient air

Particle Size

0.3 µm or larger

Measurement Range

From 0.1 mg/m³

Measurement Principle

Inductive Electrification

Protection Category 

IP20, IP54, IP65 Depending on model

Power Supply

24 VDC

Power Consumption

5 W, (Dumo EX; 8 W)

Cable Connection

5 meter cable, 12 wires  ı  16.4 ft cable, 12 wires

Output Signals

- Isolated 4 - 20mA output
- 2 output signals, (100 - 280 mA) *

* Depending on operation temperature

Communication Interface 

- Serial communication RS-485
- USB communication
- Wireless communication (optional)

Communication Protocol

- Modbus RTU, (RS-485)
- SNT network, (USB, RF, RS-485)

Alarm Settings

- Automatic, set at factory: Based on average measured dust flow
- User selectable ranges

Signal Damping Time

- Default at factory: 100 s
- Adjustable from 0 - 6000 s

Ambient Conditions


- Starting -20 to +40°C  ı  -4 to 104 °F
- Running -20 to +60°C  ı  -4 to 140 °F


Max 95 % RH (non-condensing)

Materials and Weight

Probe Material

Stainless steel (AISI 316L)


Aluminum, stainless steel (AISI 316L)


4 kg  ı  8.8 lbs


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