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Venturi tube is a very simple and accurate flow measuring instrument which suits well for a wide range of fluids in different industrial processes.

Venturi tubes are particularly suitable for gas, liquid and steam measurements in pipelines with high fluid velocity or viscosity. In comparison to other DP-flow meters, venturi tubes need very short straight pipe lengths before the instrument which allows the piping designer to work more freely and minimizes the required lengths of straight pipe runs. Due to its very low pressure loss and long life span, venturi tube is one of the most cost efficient flow meters to use.

Sintrol venturi tubes are all custom made and calculated and manufactured according to the industrial norms and directives such as ISO-5167 and the European Pressure Vessel Directive 97/23/EC Module-H or the ASME code. Venturi tubes can be equipped with flanged ends or welding end connections.

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Group Manager

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