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Compact Orifice Plate

Cost saving orifice plate

With the addition of Compact Orifice Plates to our product selection, Sintrol can now offer a new type of flow meter with greatly improved cost efficiency in the installation stage. This economical Orifice Plate design not only has the low maintenance and purchasing costs typical for all ISO-5167 type flow meters, but it also offers a great advantage in reduced installation costs. This achieved by a simple construction that allows the differential pressure transmitter to be mounted directly to the orifice plate without any need for the commonly used impulse piping between the orifice plate and the DP-Transmitter.

This type of flow meter is suitable for metering large variety of gases and liquids as well as low to medium pressure steam in under 200 °C temperatures. By this solution we can help the EPC companies and project managers to achieve their financial targets without compromising the flow meter accuracy or shortening the product life cycle. This new product also comes with an extended Sintrol warranty for 32 months and it’s available for both EN and ASME standard projects and pipelines.

Sami Lehtonen

Group Manager

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  • Mobile +358 44 365 4482
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