Emissions Monitoring

Sintrol’s unique operating principle has allowed it to develop monitors that can accurately provide emissions outputs of dust concentrations in mg/m3. With monitors ranging all the way to a TÜV certified instrument, Sintrol is able to meet the needs of official stack measurements for end users needing continuous particulate measurements. With ever-increasing global environmental control, Sintrol is able to provide solutions to meet these needs.

For each stack in the plant, Sintrol’s S304 and S305 monitors can be calibrated to provide readings in mg/m³ for actual emissions amounts. Sintrol’s S305 monitor is a TÜV certified instrument, meeting the EN14181 (2004) standard, for official emissions measurements in the European Union. These virtually maintenance free monitors are a less expensive and more reliable alternative to the traditional opacity monitors that have been used historically. Also available in ATEX models.

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