Process monitoring

In many larger or combined outlet ducts, a continuous trend measurement is preferred to get a constant reading on dust levels in the process. The Sintrol S303 monitor is equipped with a 4 - 20mA output and all the features necessary to provide the end user with a continuous output. With high temperature versions (up to 700 °C) available, this is a solution for all areas of the plant with dust measurement needs. The Sintrol S303 monitor allows the customer to identify increasing trends in the dust levels and possibly identify sources of extra pollutants in its process.

For plants that use Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP), our Sintrol E-Spy is the industry’s only probe based monitor allowing the end user to get a continuous trend measurement in 4 - 20mA output after an ESP. The customer can learn about the efficiency of its ESP, optimize the hammering process, and make adjustments to maximize the efficiency of the filter system utilizing the Sintrol E-Spy.

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